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Education and sociability

Our priority is that you can establish a harmonious relationship with your dog.  We offer you supervision by experts in the canine world, who will teach you how to  Adopt the right reactions to your dog. Inappropriate responses on your part can, in fact, disrupt his understanding of orders, lead to aggressiveness or harm a relationship of trust.

puppy school

In addition to an appropriate education, if  you adopt a puppy, it is important to allow your new companion to  meet his peers  and continue to learn the canine codes. This is essential for him to have good relationships with other dogs as an adult.



Agility is a canine discipline that consists of getting your dog to overcome various obstacles on a timed course. Born in England in the 1970s and accessible to all breeds of dogs, this sport has since enjoyed great success all over the world.


This is dog training, in a free style and on a musical background, with the double objective: to have fun and to have an obedient dog. Dynamic and playful discipline where the handler-dog team forms a couple in perfect harmony of movements while evolving in music.

Beagle Puppy
Golden Retriever


Hoopers is a sport so named, because of an obstacle used: the “hoops” (hoops = hoops in English) which is a semi-circle, supported by “feet”.  The dog must pass under this hoop. A Hoopers course consists of hoops, tunnels, barrels (barrels) and "gates" (mesh). These obstacles arranged on a course are numbered so that the dog can run in an imposed order. Depending on the level, there can be between 15 and 25 obstacles on a Hoopers course.

Dog visitors

The Visiting Dogs are invested with a mission, they visit with their masters the elderly in retirement homes, the disabled, the sick, in the appropriate centers. They can also intervene in schools, even prisons.

Dalmatian Dog
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